Frequently Asked Questions

Is the library closed?
Yes and no.  The library building at 114 W. Wayne Avenue is closed. However, the library is providing 51 hours of service from a temporary location, the RML REcollection, located at 167 W. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA (Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9am to 6pm, Tuesday/Thursday 1pm to 9pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm). Detailed information regarding this location can be found HERE.

What is the timeline for the project?
Construction is now slated to run Winter 2016 through spring 2018.

How much will this project cost?
The budget the project stands at approximately $7.1 million.

How will this project be paid for?
The project is funded with a combination of private and public funding, make the capital campaign an integral piece of RML’s funding strategy. The capital campaign reached its $1 million goal in October 2017 and continues to grow. 100% of RML’s Board has made personal financial commitments to the project as well as many staff members.
Additional sources include a Keystone Grant, funds from RML’s trust, and foundation grants. As the library building is Township-owned, Radnor Township Commissioners have made two significant commitments to the project: a bond issue including $2.5 million in funding for the project (October 2015)  and an additional contribution of $1,151,900 (November 2016).

Who is designing the project?
The Library and Township are working with Kimmel-Bogrette Architecture + Site.

Will the new library be easy to navigate?
Absolutely! The new floorplan is very intuitive and will include easy to follow signage.  Click here to explore the plans.

What about the parking lot?
The Library parking lot will be regraded and spaces will be realigned. We do not anticipate gaining any spaces, but we hope not to lose any either. Several spots will be under cover of the new adult reading wing.